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Finding the Hope

Finding the Hope


 The Search for Hope

We live in a world of chaos, conflict and uncertainty, don’t we!  All around us we see war and strife.  Our news media    bombards us with the struggles and problems of our world every day.

More personally, many of us struggle with the daily issues of our personal lives as well.  We can worry about having or keeping our jobs, our houses, and our health.  We can worry about our marriages, our children, our families and friends.  We can worry about having no help or hope for our personal lives.

People all over the world are looking for something, or someone, to give them a sense of security, confidence, peace, and hope!

Many look to the money and material things they possess to give them a sense of security and hope for the future.  Some look to education, jobs and careers to provide stability and confidence for their lives.  Others look to politics and political leaders to provide for their wellbeing and set a course for their security, peace and hope.

Some may resort to substance abuse in an effort to dull the pain of their futile search for peace and hope.  Still others may just stop trying, and caring, content to simply go through the motions, with no real sense of purpose or hope for a better life; a life really worth living.

What can we do? To whom can we look to for help? Where can we find the hope that we all are looking for, and need so much?


Finding The Hope!

The good news is…THERE IS HOPE TO BE FOUND!  Even in a world like this, there is no need for anyone to live without help, and without hope!

We might not be able to change much about our world.  Ultimately, we cannot even change ourselves either.  But we can be changed; from the inside, out!  We can find the hope to face our greatest needs and live a life of purpose, confidence and peace.  The way to find hope is to look above and beyond our circumstances and ourselves. The only true hope to be found comes from God!


The Good News!

‘The Gospel’ means, ‘The Good News!’  That’s what the Gospel of Jesus Christ is all about.  The ‘Good News’ of real, eternal hope, that can only be found in God’s Son, Jesus Christ.  He is the One who said;  ‘I have come that they may have life, and have it abundantly!’ (John 10:10)  Jesus also said one day;  ‘I am the way, and the truth, and the life.  No one comes to the Father except through Me!’ (John 14:6)

Even while we were still helpless and hopeless, Christ offers His sacrificial grace and love to all those who repent of their sinfulness and recognize the futility of searching for purpose and hope on their own.               (Romans 5:6-10)

By faith in Christ and His death on the Cross to pay the penalty for sinfulness, just like yours and mine, you and I can have peace with God, the peace of God, and eternal hope that only Jesus Christ can bring!

That’s the Good News!  You and I do not need to continue our futile search for purpose and hope for this life, or the next.  We can have real hope now and forever through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ!

Open your heart to Him now!  Ask Him to forgive you of your sinful separation from God.  Yield to His Lordship of your life.  Ask Him to show you how to live His way.  Commit yourself to love, serve and obey Him with all you are and have.  Let Jesus help you Find the Hope today!

I’m sure you may have many more questions about Finding The Hope for your life. Drop us a line!  Let us help you FIND THE HOPE!

Check out the web-link below and read more about Finding the Hope in Jesus Christ.  Hear from others how they found hope in Christ, and the difference He made in their lives!



What Impact Is The Finding the Hope Message Having in the World?


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