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How to Pray for Your Pastors: Part 3

There are few things that excite a pastor’s soul more than to have someone come to him and say, “I really want to know God’s will. Can you help me with that?” Here’s how to pray for your pastor when those conversations happen.

How to Pray for Your Pastors: Part 2

There is no greater joy than speaking life and truth and hope into peoples live through the gospel. But sometimes, being a pastor can be lonely work. Click here to read more about how to pray for your pastors.

How to Pray for Your Pastors: Part 1

For a quick synopsis of this series, click here to read the introduction. HOW TO PRAY FOR YOUR PASTORS: PART 1 In Exodus 18, we’re given a glimpse into what must have been a great family meal. Moses’ father-in-law, Jethro, comes for a visit. After they greet each other, I imagine they may have sat […]

How to Pray for Your Pastors

One of the greatest blessings I have experienced in ministry is when someone in our church says to me, “We’re praying for you.” It’s simple, it’s to the point, and I’ve come to learn that it makes all the difference in the world. Generally, the people who say this aren’t implying by any sort of […]

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